Rewards Portfolio

Incentive Motivation's extensive range of rewards includes merchandise,
gift cards, shopping vouchers and travel options.


Incentive Motivation can provide you with an almost limitless range of top brand merchandise.

We're constantly updating our range to reflect the latest products available both in New Zealand and overseas. These can all be personalised to your particular needs.

See below for a tiny sample of the huge range of quality products we source.

Gift Cards &
Shopping Vouchers

Choose gift cards and shopping vouchers from our network of over 2,000 New Zealand retailers.

Many of our gift cards can be topped up as and when required allowing your clients to use them again and again.

Travel & Accommodation

Our Travel Club provides instant and direct access to some of New Zealand's favourite travel destinations as well as airlines and hotels around the world. The choice is yours.

Contact us to discuss how we can build a Rewards programme that meets your business needs and your customers' expectations.